Leela and JoJo originally began as a collaboration between a mother and daughter. Heather, a seasoned designer/illustrator, enlisted the help of her mother Cheryl, an experienced seamstress and quilt maker. They combined talents to bring Heather's whimsical illustrations to life on the embroidery machine. 

But our team wasn’t complete. Kris, a dear friend, neighbor, and talented seamstress, has been instrumental in bringing Leela and JoJo to where it is today, and Heather and Kris have discovered that their partnership is a winning comination! 

The name Leela and JoJo is inspired by the nicknames Heather's two young daughters made up for each other when they pretend play. (They even have a theme song!) We try to incorporate this fun and imaginative spirit into everything we do.

Please rest assured that all of our products are made with love and care from quality materials. We use naturally sustainable, recycled, or locally sourced products when possible to ensure that you can feel good about bringing Leela and JoJo into your home.